Its ideology has been created and promoted under the auspices of PollyTelly of Symbiotic, Open, and Trustless Social Network Planform for enabling users to fulfill social and financial freedom and success while SYM is a sine quo non of PollyTelly’s pursuing “a Blockchain-Based Open Networked Enterprise (ONE)” that promotes its democratized, decentralized, distributed, and disintermediary mechanism and global collaborative communities. Therefore, its purpose is to enhance PollyTelly ecosystem by solving the current issues and challenges of Blockchain technologies while presenting the visions of PollyTelly. In that sense, SYM are not so much answers and solutions toward solving the current and general issues faced with Blockchain communities as practical solutions on helping PollyTelly make the ecosystem robust and reliable enough to strengthen its unity and ties of each user in the ecosystem. Therefore, its genesis and developments of SYM is for PollyTelly to utilize its general merits of the Blockchain technologies by sharpening its edges while blunting its general weakens.


In the meantime, SYM’s bankless mission of turning every user into a teller is started to get over the issues of everyone’s desires of converting SYM into each fiat currency. Such an endeavor also enables us to provide solutions of domestic and cross-border transaction inclusive users and merchandisers to which are added fuel to the flame because PollyTelly provides the social and sharing economy platform to users who can participate in every practical economy activities in the ecosystem as opposed to other cryptocurrency with little access to the practical usage.


 As opposed to the other blockchains, SYM enables participants to enjoy the following social and financial proof of seam-proof, trace-proof, bias-proof, and care-proof features. We believe that this toke helps PollyTelly achieve the mission of enabling users to achieve social and financial success without prejudice for the better world. Furthermore, this coin allows for eventual social and financial proof to each participant.

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