I. Philosophical Faith:


We are born to make prosperous social impacts under the slogan of “making it right alternatively.” The “Right” stems from our truthful assessments and understandings on each individual’s values while the “Alternative” means the humanistic aggregation of creation, innovation and delivery. Equipped with the inclusive, boutique, attention, participation, and token economy, we are destined to pursue the “trustless network” of decentralized, democratized, disintermediary and distributed concepts against the centralized, closed, and opaque aggregators and middlemen.


II. Mission Statements:


We are to address ever-growing issues of social and financial gaps among people across the world  through offering an alternative set of effective and convenient solutions in simple, integrative, open and symbiotic fashions, which lead to reducing ever-increasing uncertainties, complexities, poverty and contemporary moral hazards. We are to make PollyTelly an IOV (“Internet of Value”)-enabling platform network that empowers people from all walks of life to mapping out their own prosperity and to achieving social and financial freedom and success. For its sake, PollyTelly is continuously innovating and evolving itself from Open Network Enterprise (“ONE”) to Distributed Autonomous Enterprise where all of contraption and things function for all human being’s prosperity. Our primary mission is to work on the autonomous system where the participants’ mere attention and secured personal information is good enough to sustain their life and their ultimate efforts bear the deserving fruits in a fair and square manner.


III. Vision Statements:


PollyTelly is recognized, respected, and south-after as a most trustworthy and mature life journey partner among of value systems of merits, integrity, excellence, and true north that guide us into take the right path for mutual prosperity. In addition, our place’s being regarded as value-oriented, most effective and fair place, both of which affords the public to feel grateful to being together with us.

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