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PollyTelly IDEAS

Discontinuous Innovation (Differentiating)
  1. Location-Intelligent Protocol: Space-time platform that enables user to locate and identify the transactions.

  2. Talents Integration: Snackable UGC (User-generated contents) in Social Media & Competitive UGS (User-generated Sharing) in Sharing Economy

  3. Poly-accounts (sock puppets): Multi-accounts based on the Real Name

  4. Scalability: Module-enabling Platform whose API is easily connectable and collaborative

  5. Social Currency: (1) SymBit and (2) SymToken for the mutual prosperity on the Trustless Ecosystem

Defensible Aesthetic & Tec Vision (Synthesizing & Outsourcing)
  1. Blockchain: Security, Privacy & Token

  2. Infocomm Social Media: Social Media, ITC, IOC, Internet and Informatics

  3. Geo-tagging (LTBS; location & time-based service); Geo-tagging-enabled & Geo-coding (Geoblog, GeoSMS, GeoPhoto)

  4. AI (Artificial Intelligence): Algorithms & Machine Learning

  5. Big Data: Predictive & User Behavior Analysis

  6. Cloud P2P Computing

Disruptive Business Model
(Game Changer)
  1. Open Ecosystem Platform with Global Partners: As a Platform Sponsor, PollyTelly solicitate and work with Platform Managing Business Partners & Platform Developing Partners around the world in a connected, communicative, and cooperative manner.

  2. Platform Architecture Design: (1) Viral Engine of Growth: low initiating costs and marketing efforts at the inception (viral growth of engine to sticky growth of engine), (2) Network Effects of Supply, Demand, Cross, and Switching side

  3. Affinity-&-Community-enhanced Tokens; resolve the issue of micro-payment, settlement and remittance without bank accounts


PollyTelly ONE (Open Networked Enterprise) - “Turn business inside out” for global talents outsourcing, out-licensing and sharing ecosystem

PollyTelly Country Platform Managing Business Partners (CBP)


  1. Organizes and controls producer/consumer interactions

  2. Daily operation of the platform

  3. Development of local developing partners

PollyTelly Sponsor (Esthetic & Technical Vision)


  1. Platform Licensing (Global Management)

  2. Sponsors the platform, Retains legal control over the technology

  3. Controls the overall architecture of the platform, the intellectual property and allocation rights

  4. Developer Participation (API Management)

PollyTelly Outside Developing Partners (ODP)


  1. Core Developers; create the core platform functions that provide value to platform participants

  2. Extension Developers; add features and value to the platform and enhance its functionality (API)

  3. Data Aggregators; enhance the matching function of the platform by adding data from multiple sources.




“Digital Point”


  • Earnings: Participating in every Social Media activity

  • Usage: Posting the contents, gigs, services, and products and Participation into Bets


“Digital Reputation Point”

  • Earnings: Quality Participation into every Social Media activity

  • Usage: Quality and Priority Posting the contents, gigs, services


“Trust-enhancing Voucher”

  • Counting Unit: Local Currency (Conditional Refundable)

  • Usage: Tips for Quality Service


“Cryptocurrency / Altcoin”

  • Counting Unit: Sym

  • Usage: Payments & Settlements


“Cryptocurrency / Altcoin”

  • Counting Unit: Sym

  • Usage: Savings



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Tel: +82-2-536-5525

211 Seocho Officetel,

Seoun-ro 226, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

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